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Glasgow garden clearance

Garden Clearance in Glasgow

Are you concerned about the green waste in your gorgeous garden premises?

Let us help you through the basics of garden clearance services, what are the items that will get removed by the process, possible recycling options and also how you request a quote for availing our professional services and more.

Are you upset about the way your garden looks? Have you wasted months clearing up your garden just to find much more waste of broken fences and piles of clutter? The best way for garden clearance is to hire a team for it and enjoy your beautiful garden with all waste out of it.

What is a garden clearance? Garden clearance is a part of garden maintenance which includes clearing out all waste in the garden either biodegradable or non-biodegradable. The work usually consists of two phases: Trimming and collecting of leaves, branches and other waste prior to disposing of it. Whatever needs to be cleared can be taken away.

The garden waste clearance service is about removing your garden wastes and disposing it professionally.

Our garden clearance service is about helping you look and feel neat without you having to do any work.

Our clearance services pertain over BBQs, grasses and waste plant cuttings, heaters, lawnmowers etc that could clog up your garden space irrespective of the area and wastage quantity.

The wastes will be cleaned up, put together and loaded into a van for proper disposal.

After the initial clean-up process, team will make sure that your garden is properly cleaned and maintained neat and tidy.

Whats involved in a Garden Clearance?

The gardener you hire performs endless garden clearance tasks as a part of garden maintenance. Some of the tasks are as follows:

  • Removing soil and turf
  • Digging up bushes and shrubs
  • Removing weeds, which include knotweed
  • Knocking garden walls down
  • Cutting small trees and tree branches
  • Disassembling garden sheds
  • Breaking up paths and patios
  • Taking fence panels and post out

Our Garden Clearance process

There are different processes of garden clearance. You can your local council to collect the garden waste. However they do not take non-degradable waste such as fence panels, clutter, etc. but don’t worry, there are garden clearance teams to help you in such situations. The team is ready to take the most sort of waste in order to clear the area.

The team also provides a Man and Van process to different regions in London. You can schedule a gardener according to your convenient time and they would be ready to work in any weather condition for that day.

The garden clearance team tries to remove most of the waste however there is some sort of wastes they refuse to take away. Commonly, this is due to the hazardous nature of the item, or difficulty in recycling or disposing of the waste. Some of the items include:

  • Medical waste.
  • Fuel, petrol, oil, and diesel.
  • Paint cans, gas bottles, and pressurised canisters.
  • Car batteries and tires.
  • Toxic chemicals and solvents.
  • Fridges and larger appliances.

While some firms take away these objects but they require a license and you may be charged extra for this.

Garden Clearance cost

Unlike other companies, we don’t charge you for a full day, our charge is hour based so that you won’t be charged extra. The cost of garden clearance also depends on your locality, the size of the garden, how much area to be cleared and the type of waste to be cleared.

Contact us for the best garden clearing service

Thinking of how you can contact the experts for cleaning your backyard. It’s as simple as that. You can ring us on our contact number and the team will be at your doorstep within 24 hours. We can have an initial discussion to determine the best way to move forward with the process.

Our services include:

  • Entire cleaning up of bushes, unwanted grownup tress and ivy
  • Garnishing back hedges
  • Mowing the lawn areas
  • Cleaning up the flower beds
  • Removal of all broken wooden items including garden fences, old cleaning equipments and all other related items

The entire cleaning process may eat up a full day.
Our team will visit your garden on the scheduled ay itself. At that time you can convey your priorities if you have left any during the time of initial discussions.

After visiting the garden, after listening your priorities and checking the risk factors, the gardeners will finalize a quote for the entire work. If you agree with the proposed quote, the team will start working at that day itself after setting up their equipments.

After the work completion, the gardeners will pack up the waste and if you have a compost bin, they will put all those green wastes into it. Those green wastes will include old leaves, twigs, grass cuttings etc. If the place has other wastes then you need to book a separate waste removal service.

This should be discussed in the initial discussions while finalising the quote.

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garden clearance company Glasgow
garden clearance Glasgow

Check out how the recycling is done?

Most of the waste from the garden will be sorted out and recycled properly. The recycling process is performed on a priority basis.

The collected items are well segregated at the depository. The recycling for different products categories are executed separately so that the items don’t cause any harmful effect to the environment.

We will redistribute some of items with has its own potential value to the needy people through their tie-ups with local charities and other local community-based organizations.

There exist various charitable organizations that could act as a medium for the people who are in need of those used products. The used products range could vary from materials such as timber, metals, paper, and cardboard, to used furniture and furniture parts that can be used for setting up temporary or permanent household items. The objective is to enhance landfill diversion.

What are the benefits that you can avail with us?

The benefits are many. Making your garden premises clean and good looking is one on the list. 

The important advantages are:

  •  You can avail professional and friendly garden cleaning service for your land
  •  There are multiple economic packages for customers that has varied financial background
  •  Rich environmental friendliness cleaning services is be an additional luxury service which you may choose to opt
  •  You could make your own backyard as beautiful as you think. By removing all the wastes and other wooden pieces, that old space with lots of stuff will now be seen as beautiful as a football playground
  •  The trained professionals will identify the waste creating factors and help you with information that you can keep in mind for maintaining the land as beautiful as now

So why wait! Ring them now and make your backyard as beautiful as your front lawn. Hope the above information will help you in understanding the process, cost, benefits of garden clearance services.

 Garden Clearance F.A.Q.

Q1. How much does it cost to clear a garden?

  • The prices vary according to the area of the garden that should be cleared, the time is taken and how hectic the work is.

Q2. Do you take away all the generated waste?

  • YES, We do take away all the generated waste. These wastes are then classified into reusable and non-reusable materials. The reusable materials are then sent to the appropriate factories for recycling.

Q3. Are you insured and licensed to do the work?

  • Our trucks and drivers are completely insured and licensed to do this work, including cover against any harm caused to a client’s property when evacuating garbage from the premises.