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House clearance is something that happens very rarely in people’s life but the thought of it can be very disturbing because of the mess and trouble it causes.

House clearance can be done because of shifting to a new house or apartment, renovation, etc. whether it is partial clearance or a full clearance of the house, it is almost impossible to be carried out by the members of the house alone. That is where you can contact us to do the job for you in the most efficient, quick and safe manner.

Household Clearance Service Glasgow

In simple words, house clearance means the removal of unwanted objects from your living space. Our house clearance service in Glasgow can help you in any way, whether it be to clear out the house of a departed relative, to put an apartment for rent, for a house refurbishment or to just get rid of some unwanted and bulky materials.

We can help you clear out your living space fully or partially depending on your need, be it a suite, a studio apartment or a big bungalow. All you have to do is to ask for your service and our professional team will be at your place to do the job quickly and at an affordable rate.

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House Clearance company in Glasgow
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What Type of Junk We remove

Our team consists of professionals and vehicles that are capable of clearing any objects from your houses irrespective of their weight and size. We can help you clear out any public rooms, lofts, roof spaces, cellars, basements, outbuildings, garages, stairwells, communal rooms, etc.

The type of objects we can clear out include:

• Big and heavy furniture
• Beds, cots and mattresses irrespective of their size
• dining tables, chairs, and kitchen units
• Bathroom suites
• Brown goods which include TVs, computers and related devices, audio-visual equipment, and household appliances
• White goods which include fridges, washing machines, freezers, dishwashers, and cookers
• Contents of a cupboard
• Flooring materials, rugs, curtains, etc.

An expert will be sent to your home for a survey of the objects that needed to be cleared and if in any rare case an object cannot be moved by us you will be informed beforehand as customer satisfaction is of great concern to us.

When would I need a House Clearance?

The need for a house clearance can be due to several reasons like due to change of tenancy, due to bereavement, moving house, house renovations or extensions, spring cleaning or decluttering, or simply just to create more space.

In any of these cases, it is not practical or it is almost impossible to do the work all by yourself or by gathering some friends. Imagine moving heavy furniture from the 3rd floor of a building or a freezer up the building. Not only is it very risky and time-consuming, but have you thought about its disposal, transportation and the arrangement of permits from the city council?

This is where you call us, as we provide one of the best clearance services in Glasgow. By hiring us, you won’t even need to lift a finger or worry about permits or its disposal. Everything will be taken care of by us from the beginning to end and the materials will be disposed of in an eco-friendly way.

How the service works

Our house clearance service is one of the best in Glasgow with a good supply of professionals and vehicles needed to get the job done in the best possible way. Once you contact us, we will be sending an expert to your place who will take a survey of the place and the things needed to be cleared. This will help us understand how to clear things off and also prepare an estimate for the total job. The estimate we prepare will depend on the time taken or objects to be moved. Either way, we charge only for the work done and ensure that it will be an affordable one. Once this is done and we are in agreement, we will send our team of professionals to clear off the desired items without causing any damage to the property. Our work will be done fast while you can sit and relax. These removed products are disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner. We try to sort out things that can be used again by some fixing, and send them to the organisations that will pass it on to people in demand. Other unusable things are either recycled or disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.
House clearance is a job that needs to be done carefully we are the most reliable people who can do that for you in the whole of Glasgow. No matter the type of house, or the nature of materials, you can trust us to get the job done at a fair price and make you remember us the next time u need to clear things.