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The Best Man & Van Service for Clearing Houses in Glasgow

Home shifting or small office shifting can be very mundane. This is mainly because of the fact that you are not merely moving yourself, but also all your belongings.

Moving things from one place to another is a headache especially when the things to be moved are large, heavy or fragile. Labor, time, transportation cost, etc. everything needs to be considered.

This is where our company can help you relax and have a cup of tea while we get the work done for you in the best, fast and safest possible way.

Moving materials from one place to another means, you are in need of a Man and Van service, which we are best at providing. Whether it be relocating homes or businesses in Glasgow, we provide one of the best and reliable services at affordable costs.

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Man and Van Service Glasgow

Our Man and Van service is the best one you can choose to move materials across different places in Glasgow, whether it be heavy furniture, office items, fragile items, valuable antiques or goods that need special care like a piano.

Our team consists of experts and long term employees who are specialised in handling and safe transportation of any grade materials from any storage place to your home or office.

We can provide any number of experts or vehicles needed to get the job done at the desired time. Unlike other companies who charge you for a day, we only charge you by the hour for the Man and Van service, which ensures that you won’t have to pay more money than required.

If requested we can also send a surveyor to give you an approximate estimate and details of the process of moving.Safe movement, on-time delivery, and customer satisfaction are our topmost priorities.

Free Home Removal Estimates

Man and van are the best and practical options when it comes to shifting things. We don’t claim to be the biggest company in this sector, be we are the best at what we do.

Our people are long term employees and trained professionals who can safely handle and move things of any grade. We can also send an expert to access your home before moving things. This allows you as well as us to have an interaction with each other, assess the materials needed to be moved and device a way to move these.

Assessing the materials will help us to know the number of materials, size, weight and also will help us to provide an approximate estimate for moving them. We don’t charge of taking the estimate as long as you are within 5 miles of Edinburgh city center.

The estimate we provide will be a fair one as customer satisfaction is our top priority. We also provide packaging cardboards, movable wardrobes or any other packaging materials if you need it.

All you have to do is to order it from our online seller and it will be delivered to your door within 48 hours. This will help you save a lot of time as packing up the materials is the initial step of moving.

What will fit in the van

We are capable of clearing and moving any type of living space like a small house, a flat, a studio apartment, or even a large bungalow. We can work according to your needs and can carry out a partial or a full clearance of the house or small office space. The rooms we can clear off include:

  • All public rooms
  • Basements and cellars
  • Lofts and roof spaces
  • Communal areas
  • Landing and stairwells
  • Garages and outbuildings

The household items we can clear off include:

  • Furniture in Living room (big or small)
  • Beds and mattresses
  • Dining tables and chairs
  • Kitchen units
  • White goods (fridges, cookers, freezers, dishwashers, washing machines)
  • Bathroom suites
  • Brown goods (household appliances, computers, and peripherals, audio-visual equipment, TVs)
  • Cupboard materials
  • Curtains and Flooring (linoleum, carpets, etc.)

If clearing is what you prefer we assure you that the disposal of all electrical, white and brown goods is done legally and in compliance with the WEEE.

Our vans are capable of fitting almost all heavy and large items whether furniture, musical instruments, cupboards, etc. If in any rare case, an object won’t fit in our van, you will be informed at the time of the assessment itself by our expert.

Our service of man and van is better than a skip hire as the latter can be costly and time-consuming. You can trust us completely and the work done by us is fully insured.

We are very quick and punctual at our work and our team will be doing all the work including the lifting and loading of the chosen items into the van. You can sit and relax while the work will be done in the most efficient manner.