Glasgow's Recycling Program

When disposing of your commercial or domestic junk, we promise to ensure a reduced impact on the environment. Clear It Waste now offers a unique recycling service which allows customers to dispose of any rubbish they wish and allow Clear It Waste to recycle it for them. Clear It has become environmentally conscious since over 80% of all rubbish taken is recycled.

We at clear it waste place a high priority on recycling

Increasing population and urban lifestyles have led to an increase in the generation of garbage. The increased amount of junk is putting pressure on limited land resources, causing the environment to become toxic and posing a threat to human civilization. It is necessary to recycle rubbish. Recycling companies that specialize in recycling in Glasgow are available to handle this.

We will examine different categories of recyclable materials, their impact on the environment, and how they can be recycled.


Instead of being disposed of in landfills, most aluminum foil, tin cans, and steel cans that come with food and drink can be recycled.

A heavy metal known as aluminum is increasingly being attributed to heavy metal poisoning in children through food, as more and more of it is finding its way inland and is absorbing some of it into the ground water. This is being routed to the human body through vegetation and even animal meat.

Most recycling companies in the UK, including us, are experienced in recycling such metal waste.

Paper and Cardboard:

Corrugated cardboard from a plethora of packaging, paper from magazines, newspaper, rubbish paper from office, paperboard, cartons containing several kinds of juices, and unsolicited mail make up a large portion of household and commercial garbage. The juice cartons contain some amount of polyethylene which is nonbiodegradable and ends in landfills permanently.

However, the whole stuff including the polyethene can be recycled. The plastic coating can be made use of in producing paraffin or to generated energy. The paper can be recycled to produce paper.

We collect all household, commercial and office paper and cardboard waste and ensure recycling of all the material.


The majority of household and hotel waste is damaged or discarded glassware, but the good news is that most of it can be recycled. White glassware can be recycled to create glassware of any color. Colored glass, however, cannot be used to produce white glass or other colors since it is produced by adding several metals including chrome, iron, and others to white glass. It is possible, however, to recycle specific colored glassware in order to produce glassware of that same color.

As a recycling company, we are experienced in recycling almost all types of glassware.

Recyclable plastics:

Despite the fact that plastic does not degrade and clogs waterways and ends up in landfills, the majority of plastic items can be recycled to produce more plastic. Coffee cups made from polystyrene, takeout containers, syrup bottles, yogurt containers, squeeze bottles, bread wrappers, shampoo and dishwashing detergent bottles, milk jugs and juice bottles, soft drink bottles and water bottles are recyclable. There are some products that cannot be recycled, such as large volume water bottles, DVDs, CDs, sunglasses, nylon products, etc. However, we are experienced in recycling most of the plastic items found in household and commercial trash.


Recycling of computers in Glasgow:

It is important to recycle computer and IT peripherals so that only a small amount ends up in landfills or incinerators. Having personnel with extensive experience in computer recycling Glasgow, we are able to recycle all computer and IT waste in accordance with WEEE regulations.




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