The 6 Best Ways to Keep Your House Tidy and Clean

Even if you vacuum or use the duster often, it seems that kids, animals, and even husbands are always around the corner ready to make your home so messy that it requires a house clearance or furniture removal to make it tidy.

You need not fear, with these six tips and removalist costs, you will always have a clean, tidy home that is ready to receive unexpected guests.

1. The first step should be to teach everyone how to make their beds

Having a neatly made bed is one of the easiest ways to ensure your home looks tidy. As an unmade bed makes the rest of the room look cluttered and untidy.

Make your children’s beds in the morning when they are old enough and use it as an incentive for pocket money or treats. This will help them to make their beds every day as they grow up.

2. Take care of the dishes on a daily basis

In most homes, if you do the cooking, someone else should do the dishes. Dishes should be washed and dried at least once a day in order to prevent any build-up of dishes in your kitchen.

Make sure the dishwasher is emptied each morning if you are fortunate enough to have one.

3. Every meal or snack should be cleaned up after

No matter whether you prepare a lavish three-course meal or a simple sandwich for a snack, you will always feel more organized and cleaner in your kitchen if you clean up after every meal. After using the dishes, place them in the dishwasher, sweep up your crumbs and put everything away.

4: Wash your laundry every day

There is no doubt that we’ve all been guilty of letting our laundry baskets fill up with dirty laundry every once in a while. This causes family members to get frustrated when looking for certain items of clothing. To avoid this, aim to do one load of laundry each day.

5: Make use of floor mats

A home may appear untidy when its footprints are dirty. Mud and dirt can accumulate easily on shoes and paws, causing a mess in the home. If you wish to keep your home mud free, provide floor mats for visitors to wipe their feet on upon entering. Additionally, you may wish to request people to remove their shoes in order to reduce dust in your home.

Step 6: Clean the sinks and taps

Stainless steel sinks and taps can easily look dirtier than they are, usually from soap scum and toothpaste smears. Keep yours shiny by using a cleaner on yours every day and buffing them with a microfibre cloth.

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