Why is Decluttering So Hard?

Why is Decluttering So Hard?

I’m sure you’ve tried to organise your own Glasgow house. Getting rid of one item might be difficult, but what about a whole house worth of clutter?

The reasons we cling to things we don’t need, and the reasons we find letting go so difficult, are explained here.

Why Is It So Difficult to Let Go of Stuff?

Most of us have, at some point in our lives, been completely overpowered by our clutter. It can be challenging to get rid of items we no longer need, whether we have a closet packed to the gills, a garage full of junk, or a messy storage unit.

In reality, there are many different reasons why people have trouble decluttering. Here are a few typical reasons:

Possessions are part of our identity.

Due to the sentimental value of these items, we feel bad about throwing them away.

There is a connection between who we are and what we possess.

It can be challenging to rid ourselves of clutter since our possessions can give us a sense of identity and value.

In order to improve our “status,” we accumulate more stuff that we don’t need, so getting rid of it feels like giving away something as well.

Getting rid of items could also be interpreted by us as conceding failure or giving up on our aspirations. This is often the case with interests, careers, or activities like sports, where we have high expectations but haven’t yet fulfilled them.

It might feel like letting go of who we wanted to be to get rid of the supplies or tools, or even books and courses, that we gathered when we initially had these goals.

The security provided by our possessions

Sometimes, having a lot of possessions might make us feel secure. This is often true, especially if we had a hard life and grew up with a scarcity mentality.

Even when they have too much stuff, people sometimes feel bad about getting rid of it because they fear they won’t be able to replace them if they need them again.

Our possessions can provide us comfort.

Sometimes, in a world that is always changing, our possessions provide us with a feeling of security and familiarity.

By decluttering, we learn how to find comfort in ourselves without relying on our possessions.

Our belongings frequently hold sentimental value.

We can get emotionally connected to things if they trigger fond memories or hold sentimental value for us.

Everybody has emotional objects that they treasure. Some of us are transported back in time by a toy from our youth. Others have jewellery that has been handed down through the generations.

It may be particularly difficult to let go of nostalgic objects with which we have developed an emotional bond, and we may occasionally feel guilty about doing so.

There is nothing wrong with keeping things that are important to us, but sometimes we hold onto things from the past that we no longer need or that we have so many of that their value has gone down.

Boxes for decluttering your home: How to Overcome the Challenges of the Decluttering Process

These are the most frequent causes of decluttering difficulty, but it’s crucial to keep in mind that decluttering doesn’t always require getting rid of all of your possessions.

When we declutter, we want to make room for the things that are truly essential in our lives. This might make it easier to let go of possessions that don’t add value to our lives.

It is not our material possessions that define us; we value ourselves more deeply. Nothing material can satisfy us for a long time; our worth comes from within.

In addition, keeping more things might make us feel less safe because it is more difficult to maintain and care for them. Clutter can also make us forget about the things we do care about and may bring us joy.

It is ultimately important to strike a balance between having enough and having too much. Although decluttering is difficult, it is ultimately worthwhile.

Why It’s Worth It to Declutter

Here are some things to keep in mind as you push through the challenging aspects of decluttering, when it seems too difficult and you question if it will be beneficial.

Being surrounded by clutter all the time might make it challenging to concentrate and relax. Just imagine how much more delightful and peaceful a clutter-free house will be.

It may be freeing to let go of material possessions. Instead of feeling bad about what we haven’t accomplished in the past, having fewer things might empower us to take on new tasks and view ourselves in a fresh way.

We have more room to focus on the things that make us happy and peaceful when we have fewer things. We can truly appreciate the possessions we have that, in the words of Marie Kondo, “spark joy” when there is less clutter to draw our attention away from them.

The secret is to declutter thoughtfully, selecting just the things that make you happy and thinking more deeply about your relationship to your possessions.

Remind yourself that it’s only stuff the next time you find it difficult to purge. You control it; it doesn’t control you. You may begin to organise your life and gain liberation from the past by taking small, manageable measures.

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